Frequently asked questions

We hope to answer some of your questions here.
Please feel free to contact us with anything we may have left out.
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    What do Lutherans believe?
    This is an important question - so important that the answer has its own page. See "Our Beliefs" beneath the Home tab at the top of this page.
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    What if I'm not Lutheran? Can I still visit FLC?
    Our favorite way to answer this question is with the truth: Whoever you are and wherever you are in your faith journey, you are welcome at FLC.
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    How do I get involved?
    There are lots of involvement opportunities. We're here to help you discover your gifts in our mission & ministry. Use your Sunday connect card if you have specific questions or call or email us.
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    What is your church's dress code?
    FLC has no dress code. Please dress comfortably and appropriately. (Jesus wore sandals and so do we!)
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    What's the music like?
    At 9am classical worship, hymns are sung to organ accompaniment. At 10:30 contemporary worship, our praise band leads the congregation in contemporary Christian songs.
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    What should I expect?
    Have some refreshments & make your way to the worship space. You are welcome to bring your goodies in. You'll be given an info sheet & a connect card. Sit wherever you'd like. We hope you enjoy worship.
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    Do you have private confession with the pastor?
    We believe in corporate confession, which is done together as a congregation weekly, and prepares our hearts and minds to receive the gift of God's grace and Holy Communion.
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    Can I take Communion?
    All baptized Christians are welcome to participate in Holy Communion, as we believe the body and blood of Jesus were given for all.
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    How will I be treated?
    You will be greeted outside the church door by a friendly face or two, welcomed into the gathering area and the worship space, and made to feel right at home, as all are welcome at FLC.
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    Are my children welcome?
    Children are encouraged to attend. During school months, we offer children's ministry for PreK-5th grade. There's a children's message & enrichment activities. In the summer, a children's message is offered.
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    What if my baby cries?
    The nursery, located in the back of the church building, has a changing table & a rocking chair for your use. You may also step into the gathering area just outside the worship space if you wish.
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    Does FLC offer any accessibilities?
    Handicap parking spaces are available as well as a covered area with a ramp for drop off & pick up. The building is handicap friendly. A large print hymnal is available if needed at 9am worship.
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    How big is FLC?
    FLC is a small church with big heart. We usually worship about 100 per weekend.
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    Who is the pastor?
    The pastor at FLC is Rob Miller. You can read more about him (and the rest of our team) on the FLC Team tab beneath the Connect tab.
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    What are your beliefs about baptism?
    Another very important question with the answer on its own page. See "Baptism" beneath the Events+ tab at the top of this page.
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    Is it important to become a member?
    We don't place emphasis on becoming a member of FLC. It's most important that you're striving to strengthen your relationship with Christ. If you do wish to become a member, call us at 337-981-1021.
If you have more questions please contact us