Our praise band is so awesome and expanding so quickly that we have begun to expand their stage area and we hope to have it completed in the coming days...
To watch this progress, visit our Gallery here: 
Communion Ministry 
We have several trained leaders who administer Communion to a local hospital's employees upon their request. The team is also available to administer Communion to the homebound. 
Contact the church if you are in need of this ministry. 

​​Small Groups
A great place to connect and form new relationships ​
while developing a deeper relationship with Christ.
Contact the church for more info.

Children's Church 
Children's Church takes place during 9 and 10:30 worship during Pastor Rob's message. Families enter worship together; then, after the Children's Message, Pre-K through 5th graders have the opportunity to experience their message, in a more hands-on, kid-friendly version. ​
Caring Ministry
FLC's Caring Ministry consists of a small team who ministers to the elderly, ailing, homebound, or anyone in need of genuine love and prayers. Contact the church if you are in need of this team.​