Worship Series for February 2020

     Jesus said some really crazy things.   Difficult things.  Strange things.  Weird things.  Radical things like -- Love your enemies…  Pray for those who persecute you… Take up your cross and follow me…  It’s only in giving that we receive… The first will be last and the last will be first…  Eat my flesh and drink my blood…
     In this 4-week worship series we will consider some of the crazy things that Jesus said. 

Salt loses its saltiness...
Don't do that - but do-do this...
2/2/20​ ​(video unavailable)
Blessed are the poor...
Do what? That's crazy...
2/26/20 Ash Wednesday 
The ABC's of Lent
Worship Series for Lent 2019

    Throughout the Season of Lent we will consider a “word of the day.”  Each word helps to prepare our hearts, and our minds, and our spirits for the celebration of Easter.
3/10/19 Jesus
3/17/19 Gather
3/24/19 Repent
3/31/19 Prodigal
4/7/19 Anointed
​No Video Available

Worship Series for Jan/Feb 2019
     Life is full of things that happen to us and challenge our faithfulness when it comes to following Jesus.  In this series we will consider various things that cause us to ask – “Now What?” and we will consider what we need to do next as disciples of Jesus.

1/20/19 No Wine - Now What?
1/27/19 The Scripture is Fulfilled - Now What?
2/3/19 Not Accepted - Now What?
2/10/19 Leave Everything  - Now What?
2/17/19 Blessed Are You  - Now What?
2/24/19 We Are Listening - Now What?

January 13, 2019


Worship Series 2018
Hope Is on the Way

This series begins with watchfulness, looking backwards and forwards at the same time.  It’s a season of joy, trust, hope, and love moving from yesterday to tomorrow – by living in the present.  This series ends with a focus on the gift of God’s amazing grace.


Hope in the King

12/2/18 Managing
Un-hopeful Expectations

Waiting with Hope

A Hope-Filled Family
Hope in a Baby

Hope Has Arrived

What Gift Did You Bring?

November 2018

Through baptism we belong to the kingdom of God with Jesus being our one and only King.  He is the king of all creation - the King of kings.  We worship him daily in thought, word, and deed.  In this series we will seek a deeper understanding of our place as servants in the kingdom of God.  That understanding begins with a kingdom mindset.

November 11, 2018


November 25, 2018

November 18, 2018


All Saints Sunday       November 4, 2018


We remember:
Margo Albe
Kelly Croall
Beth Kinler
Ellen Rosenbaum

October 2018
In this four-week worship series we will consider some of the radical sayings of Jesus.  When Jesus asked if his disciples wanted to stop following him, Peter responded, “Lord, to whom shall we go?  You have the words of eternal life!” (see John 6:68).  Oh… if we would actually do what Jesus says to do, our lives would be radically different in a good way.

October 7, 2018
October 14, 2018
October 21, 2018
October 28, 2018

September 2018
During the five weeks in September, we will consider the five chapters of the Book of James.   James could be considered a manual for church conduct, or rather synagogue conduct, as we shall see.  This manual applies to everyone who claims to believe in Jesus.  These five chapters offer us a description for faithful living - in other words putting our faith to work.

September 2, 2018
September 9, 2018
September 16, 2018
September 23, 2018
September 30, 2018

August 26, 2018


August 19, 2018


July 22, 2018


Jesus said some radical things in his day.  He challenged people to see things in a new way – a way that benefited others.  In this series we will consider the radical sayings of Jesus and how those sayings still apply to us today.

June 3     Mark 2:23-3:6      Stretch out your hand…
June 10   Mark 3:20-35      Doing God’s will is a family matter…
June 17   Mark 4:26-34      The kingdom of God is like…
June 24   Mark 4:35-41      Why are you so afraid?
July 1       Mark 5:21-43       Don’t be afraid – just believe!
July 8       Mark 6:1-13          Take nothing…

June 3, 2018
Stretch out your hand...

June 10, 2018
Doing God's will is a family matter...

June 24, 2018
Why are you so afraid?

July 1, 2018
Don't be afraid - just believe!

June 17, 2018
The kingdom of God is like...

July 8, 2018
Take nothing...


May 2018 Sermon Series
What If...?

Have you ever played the “What if..." game?  It’s where you ask a question that begins with the words “What if…” and then you discuss possible answers.  For example: “What if you found $100? - What would you do with it?” or “What if everything you touched turned to chocolate? – then what?”  or “What if you could go any place in the world – where would you go?”  In this series we will consider these “what if…” questions:

May 6, 2018  What if we did what Jesus expects us to do? (John 15:9-17)
May 13, 2018  What if we went as we are sent? (John17:6-19)
May 20, 2018  What if we were filled with the Holy Spirit? (Acts 2:1-21)
May 27, 2018  What if we were like Nicodemus? (John 3:1-17)

May 6, 2018
What if we did what Jesus expects us to do?

May 27, 2018
What if we were like Nicodemus?

May 20, 2018
What if we were filled with the Holy Spirit?

May 13, 2018
What if we went as we are sent?

April 2018 Sermon Series
In this three-week worship series we will consider the struggle of finding peace in a messed up world.  In week one, we will consider how Jesus brought peace to his frightened disciples after his death and resurrection.  In week two, we will hear how Jesus brings peace to his sheep, to those who belong to his flock.  In week three, we will learn about peace for those who are connected to Jesus like branches connected to a vine.    
April 15      Luke 24:36-48    Finding Peace, Part 1
April 22      John 10:11-18     Finding Peace, Part 2
April 29      John 15:1-8        Finding Peace, Part 3

April 22, 2018
Finding Peace, Part 2
April 15, 2018
Finding Peace, Part 1
April 29, 2018
Finding Peace, Part 3

April 8, 2018

Got Questions?
​Worship Series for Lent/Easter 2018
Both lifelong Christians and people who are new to the church have some of the same basic questions about life, faith, God, and spiritual things. Lent is a great time to explore these questions, leading up to the big question that is answered with Easter: Is there hope for life and is there life beyond death?
February 18, 2018  
Who is Jesus?
Every person needs to consider the question, Who is Jesus for them? According to his baptism Jesus is the Son of God who has come into the world.
March 11, 2018  
March 4, 2018  
February 25, 2018  
Where is God?
Although God is not limited to working through people, God primarily works through human instruments.

​Am I Accepted?
Even with our flaws, Jesus loves and accepts us as beloved children of God.
What Matters Most?
Relationships - with God and others - 
matter most.

April 1, 2018  
March 25, 2018  
March 18, 2018  
Easter Sunday: Is There Hope?
Jesus' resurrection gives us hope for life in this world and the next.

What About Suffering?
Although God does not prevent suffering, the crucified God fully enters human suffering and works to redeem that suffering.

What Brings Fulfillment?
True fulfillment comes from serving others.

Ash Wednesday 2018

Maundy Thursday 2018

Good Friday 2018

​​Worship Series for January
(and part of February) 2018
​​The journey of faith is one step at a time. That is the only way to follow Jesus – step by step.  In this series we will consider the steps we are to take when it comes to following Jesus.​​
January 14, 2018   Inviting

January 21, 2018    Connecting

January 28, 2018  Growing

February 4, 2018  Sending

February 11, 2018  Transforming
​January 7, 2018  New Beginning
December 31, 2017   Happy New Year!
Worship Series for December 2017

Advent is the beginning of the Church Year for most churches in the West. It begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day, which is the Sunday nearest November 30, and ends on Christmas Eve (Dec 24). If Christmas Eve is a Sunday, it is counted as the fourth Sunday of Advent, with Christmas Eve beginning at sundown.  Over the next four weeks we will consider the power of hope, love, joy & peace.
December 3, 2017   Hope
December 10, 2017   Love
December 17, 2017   Joy
December 24, 2017   Peace
Christmas Eve 2017   Christ Child

Candlelighting 2017

Worship Series for November 2017

Giving thanks for a living faith…  According to Hebrews 11:1… faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. 
We are called to live by faith, to practice the faith, to exercise our faith, to view all of life through the lens of faith.  By faith we live a thankful life. 
November 5, 2017
Thankful for the Saints
November 12, 2017  
Thankful for the Church
November 19,  2017  
Thankful for ______________
November 26, 2017  
Thankful for our King 
Worship Series for October 2017
Grace is Greater: A Study on Ephesians 2: 1-22

God's grace is greater. Even when it doesn't make sense. Even when it doesn't feel fair. God's grace covers everything we've done. And the best way - or perhaps the only real way - to understand it, is to experience it ourselves, personally.  We will consider four life-changing questions and how grace offers us an answer.

October 22,  2017  
How Can I Trust God When Everything Goes Wrong?
October 8, 2017
​Is My Sin Beyond God’s Forgiveness?
October 15, 2017  
I Lost My Husband, Is God Still Good?
October 29, 2017  
Can The Power of Community Help Me In My Loneliness?
October 1, 2017  

Worship Series for September 2017
Radical Discipleship: Living the Faith

In this five-week worship series we will study how God’s grace comes to us through baptism and communion.  These two sacraments strengthen our life together in community.  The Apostles’ Creed is our statement of faith giving us guidance for living today as disciples of Jesus. 
September 10,  2017  
I Believe in God…       
August 27, 2017
​​Washed Clean (Baptism)
September 3, 2017  
Fed for Life (Communion)
(no video available)September 17, 2017  
I Believe in Jesus…
September24, 2017
I Believe in the Holy Spirit… 
Worship Series for Summer 2017
Radical Discipleship: Living by God’s Top Ten List

In this ten-week worship series we will study The Ten Commandments and how they guide our lives today as disciples of Jesus.  This study is based on Exodus 20:1-17
July 2,  2017  
Honoring God’s Name
June 25, 2017  
Watching Out for Idols
June 18, 2017
Putting God First 
July 16, 2017
Honoring Your Parents
July 23, 2017
The Love of Life
July 9, 2017  
Taking a Day of Rest
August 6, 2017
Stop Stealing
August 13, 2017
Truth or Consequences
July 30, 2017
A Healthy Marriage
August 20, 2017
Learning to be Content

Two-Week Worship Series June 2017

June 4, 2017      Acts 2:1-21
Does the Church Matter?
June 11, 2017    Matthew 28:16-20      Does Our Mission Matter?
​This isn’t a question that only non-believers wrestle with – it’s one that Christians wrestle with all the time: Does the Church matter, and if it does, how much?
​This is a question that we wrestle with as the church.  Our mission is not our mission, it’s Jesus’ mission that he gave to us. It begins with following him.
​​Worship Series for May 2017
April 30, 2017
Guided by Faith, No Matter What…
​​This five part worship series explores the book of James (the brother of Jesus), which is all about where the rubber meets the road, as we discover what real faith looks like in real life.​​​
May 7, 2017
Faith Without Works is Dead…
May 14, 2017
Taming the Tongue, Words Matter…
M​ay 21, 2017
Overcoming Our Conflicts…

April 23, 2017

May 28, 2017
The Power of Patience and Prayer…      

Palm Sunday 2017                      Easter Sunday 2017

April 9, 2017       
Palm Sunday
April 16, 2017      
Easter Sunday
​​2017 Lenten Worship Series
“There’s an app for that!”

 Today there is an application for just about anything you might want to do.  When it comes to living the faith there is an application for doing that too.  We will consider these five applications when it comes to living the faith:
March 5, 2017
Daily Bible Reading
March 12, 2017
Active Listening Prayer
March 19, 2017
Encouraging Others in their Faith Journey
M​arch 26, 2017
Doing Good Works in Jesus’ Name
April 2, 2017
Sharing Generously with Others
As we begin a New Year we discover that the world is changing at an exponential rate.  We don’t know what tomorrow will bring for us, for our country, or for our world.  It can be a scary time for many reasons.  That’s why it is vitally important for us to Keep Believing… which is the theme of a five week worship series.  We will be using the suggested gospel readings from the common lectionary, as we consider…​​​
January 8, 2017
A New Start
January 29, 2017
God’s Will
January 15, 2017
A Growing Faith
January 22, 2017
God’s Grace
February 5, 2017
Spiritual Growth

January 1, 2017

Christmas Day 2016

Christmas Eve 2016


October 2016 Worship Series
Faith, Hope, Love

We are called as Christians to live into a particular lifestyle following in the footsteps of Jesus.  He is our guide for life.  In this series we will consider how to live our lives the Jesus’ way by faith, hope, and love.  We will wrestle with these questions:

What’s Faith got to do with it?                
What’s Hope got to do with it?       
What’s Love got to do with it?                
What’s the Church got to do with it?       
What’s the Reformation got to do with it?             

October 2, 2016
What's Faith Got to do with it?

October 9, 2016
What’s Hope got to do with it?   
October 16, 2016
What's Love got to do with it?
October 23, 2016
What's the Church got to do with it?
October 30, 2016
What's the Reformation got to do with it?

September 2016 Worship Series
This Changes Everything

This Changes Everything – in this three week worship series we will consider three questions that can change everything for us.  We will consider how we see God as a grownup or a parent… how we see ourselves as trustworthy managers or not so trustworthy…
and how convinced are we
that the way we live our life
now means something in the
life to come… 
September 11, 2016
God, a Grownup or a Parent?
September 18, 2016
You, a Trustworthy Manager?
September 25, 2016
Convinced Yet?

August 2016 Worship Series

In this 5-week worship series we will consider some of the wild and crazy statements that Jesus makes in Luke’s Gospel that cause us to say - wait… what?!?!​​
August 7, 2016
Wait… what he say?
August 21, 2016
Wait… what freedom?
August 28, 2016
Wait… what seat?
September 4, 2016
Wait… what are we to give up?

July 2016 Worship Series
The Church Is ________.

​​This worship series is about what the church is meant to do in the world. We will consider the teaching stories (aka parables) that Jesus told as they appear in Luke’s Gospel.  Jesus teaches us that the church is to be turned inside-out.
July 3, 2016
The Church Is  ________.
July 10, 2016
Love Your Neighbor
July 17, 2016
The One Thing
July 24, 2016
How to Pray
July 31, 2016
The Real Life

June 2016 Worship Series
Bad Blood

​​Have you ever had a great relationship go bad or a bad relationship that got even worse?  What if there was a way to make all your relationships better in just a few simple steps?  In this series we will consider what to do about the bad blood we encounter with others.
June 5, 2016
The Empathy Approach
June 19, 2016
Conversation or Confrontation
June 12, 2016
Holding On
June 26, 2016
Shaking Off The Dust

May 2016 Worship Series
God's Masterpiece

Throughout this worship series we will consider how God sees us and how God continues to shape us for good works in the world.  We will learn about our identity and purpose in Christ Jesus based on Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)…  
For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. 
May 1, 2016
Part One – Masterpiece
May 8, 2016
Part Two – Reformat
May 22, 2016
Part Four – Walk
May 15, 2016
Part Three – Freedom
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